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Made to Feel Worthless

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Ok so just a quick summary, I was with Partner for nearly 10 years, Planning to start on starting a Family with her then She walked out on me, that was 5 years ago now...then just under a year after that I go to together with a Woman for two years who was a lot older then me and abusive...the after that I met someone while overseas who then strung me along for nearly two years ago in a long distance relationship and here I am now...

The most latest one me up mentally...for example...triangulation with some Guy from her class...toying with me and trying to make me Jealous...hanging out and drinking with strange guys at a Pub to 5am while I sat Home waiting for her...the list goes on with her...I feel completely worthless and depressed...

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Champion Alumni
Hi WCG, I think I have replied to another thread of yours, but from this post, you have been dealt with bad luck all the way through, I'm really sorry as it must hurt you.

You have been deceived by this latest girl, and it's not so much as trying to make you jealous, she is doing exactly as she wants to do, so you aren't worthless, you have been betrayed.

If you forgive her, then let the incident go, but only with an apology and then decide whether or not to keep the r/ship going and that maybe difficult to decide.

Don't degrade yourself, but if you are now depressed then please get help because all of this may have lowed your confidence and self-esteem, and there were many occasions where my ex did things that were out of the ordinary that frustrated and annoyed me.

Each time you have picked yourself up and don't let the past dictate your future, because if you do then it will be a struggle, be proud of who you are. Geoff.

Thank you for your Kind Words Geoff...we're not together with my most recent Ex...thank you for the advice...it's just so Hard..I was strung along by her...I just feel so used and betrayed...like crap actually...