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Having trouble with relative which has affected my mental state over many years which in turn has put a strain on my marriage which has resulted in arguments and shouting at each other it really come to head over the weekend which I said to my wife it would easy just to finish it / I walk off and broke down that’s when I decided I need help start away made a appointment to see the doctor we spoke for a while and has arrange support plan for but the demon are still there but it did help

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white knight
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Hi, welcome

That's really good you went to a GP and began the process of repair.

In between professional visits like GP's, therapy or counseling is periods of time that you are left without help. There can be help from friends or in the case of mental illness or relationship issues - forums like this one.

So self help can be something you and your partner can work on proactively.

Here is an idea that might help


Beyondblue topic relationship strife?- the peace pipe

Regards TonyWK

Thanks for listening WK my wife ask me if ok to tell the two sons and there partners I said yes they have rang and text me which was great but I feel like I have let them down as a dad we are catching on Saturday for lunch feeling very upset on how this will go / having trouble sleeping/ and just talking to people feeling lonely