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Hi guys are there any people out there that are lonely like me. . I am not look for a relationship just friends. Anyone got any advice. I have only have a couple of friends and there always too busy too talk. Please help me with any information i would really appreciate some. I am hanging on by a thread here.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi MummaBear, welcome to the forum! This is a great place to meet new friends and have a chat.

How are you today? If you want to share a bit more about yourself, that will help others respond. Also, take a look on the Social Zone threads, especially the BB Cafe - that's where people gather to just chat about anything, mental health related or not. There's a lovely group of regulars and newbies there and you would be very welcome.

Good to meet you


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey MummaBear61, awesome that you have reached out on here to get some advice. A great step on taking control of your own situation and try and do something about it.

As per what Kaz has said above, great advice, but have you also considered some clubs. Something like a book club if you are in to reading books that is, walking groups, church groups etc. There are so many groups out there that meet in safe locations. I am sure that there must be some group that fits what you are interested in.


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Hi Mummabear,

Welcome, I look at the messages on here regularly, I'm lonely too, despite having relatives nearby who are always busy.

Fee free to chat about anything on here, you can also go to the BB cafe and tell us more about yourself or write here and let us know what is bothering you, so we can help you.


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Hi MummaBear61,

Welcome to the Forums!

Look around for some clubs to join in your area with things that you enjoy doing, that way you can make friends based on similar interests. You could try the Meetup app, I've never tried it before but it's worth a try. Some local libraries have interests clubs like poetry groups, if that's you kind of thing. You could always do a search on Gumtree for clubs in your local area. Otherwise, just be conscious of your surroundings, I always make time for some small talk at the shops and the bus station and you never know, you might hit it off with someone and bam! New friends!

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Yes Mummabear i get lonely too, trust me you are not alone! I am in an unhappy marriage and dont do anything with my husband anymore. I do things by myself all the time such as go to the movies, ride my bike, have coffee etc. Im utterly sick of my own company and wish I had some company. Im in an isolating job where I dont get to make friends and have been for ten years. When i do finally split up with my husband i know Ill be afraid of being by myself. Recently i tried to to up crochet only to be rung up today to be told the class is not going ahead due to lack of participants, this devastated me as Id been looking forward to taking it up for some months now. Ive been so down lately i just break down and cry nearly every day, have recently gone back onto anti ds though obviously they havent taken effect yet cos im still crying. My best girlfriend is always working and my other one is giving methe cold shoulder and wont say why, and my kids cant do much with me cos theyre too busy with my uni studies. My husband and i dont socialise much cos just about all our friendsare divorced. Im really unhappy at the moment cos i always have to do everything by myself so i can understand where you're coming from. Hope your situation changes for the better soon. Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one. Hugs!