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Keeping loneliness at bay

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I've recently joined a meet up group and met two people who are potentially becoming quite nice new friends. However, I feel the best thing is to go through Meetups or things that I have an interest in. Eg painting, welding, 🏹, Library, bush walking, etc and then take into account cost and travel time.

My problem is that there are not many groups that meet all three criteria and I'm becoming very lonely and weepy at night. My question is how have others allayed feelings of being scared alone (hearing the house creak), and loneliness.

Please don't bother to reply with "learn to love your own company" l do but I need to escape social isolation and I can't go out at night or spontaneously due to my son. How have others expanded their social circle, ( lm an atheist so no church suggestions please) I was thinking of volunteering but it doesn't grab me as I've done this many times before and haven't really expanded my friendships.

Any ideas would be most welcome thank you.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hiya BumbleB, welcome to the forum.

YOu've made a good move in coming here. The forum is a great place to find virtual (but real) friends, especially if you can't go out at night anyway. There is always someone here to talk to. Take a good look around the forum. We have a Social Zone where people share hobbies, fun, conversation. There's the BB Cafe, a good place to pop in and introduce yourself. Join in where you wish and don't be shy, we're all here for the same reasons.

As for face to face, do you like reading? How about a book club? Are there walking groups near you? Maybe go to your local community centre, often various interest groups have info about their activities there. Maybe check if there's a local Facebook group for your area and post asking for suggestions for activities. I'm in the ACT and there's a very active FB group that often has such things. Also keep an eye on your local newspaper for stories of things starting up.

Loneliness is the pits, and very common. I love that you are being active in trying to overcome it.

Hope to hear from you again.