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I have a 46 yr old son living in a flat out the back. He doesn't pay rent and has been out of a job for 9 months . I know he smokes weed but don't know if he is on any thing else. He has now become very abusive ,yelling and swearing at the top of his voice even threatening violence. He has damaged the flat thru anger. He blames everyone but himself for his situation. He has alienated any friends he has had including girl friends. He blames me more than anyone else .He hates my partner of 40 years! But is still happy to live on our property for nothing.I have suggested he go And see someone to help him he refuses as he says he doesn't need help. I am getting more scared everyday for his safety and mine.What can I do?????
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Champion Alumni

Hi Oldboy,

Welcome to the community here. I am really sorry to read about your situation, it certainly sounds like a difficult place to be in.

I'm not really sure what to suggest! All I can think of is that you could call the police and seek advice. They may be able to put you in touch with organisations that could help. If your son is becoming aggressive and is on drugs, he could be unpredictable.

The Beyondblue help line on 1300 22 4636 may be able to make suggestions as well. The support people will certainly listen to what you have to say and can offer ideas.

It is very hard to get someone to seek help for themselves when they refuse to do so or don't feel like they need it.

If you are really concerned for his safety and yours, I would be considering calling the police and ambulance to assist and he could be taken away so he can receive help.

You need to look after yourself and your partner.

Hope you are able to find the help that you need to sort this out. Keep safe!

Cheers from Dools