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Just soo lonely

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What does everyone do to deal with feelings of loneliness?

I literally have no friends, not one.

Both of my parents suffer some degree of depression and when i talk to them it just turns into a miserable conversation and i cant open up to them about how i feel about things anyway.

Yes i have 2 kids so im rarely alone but it doesnt stop me from being lonely sometimes.

I just lost my fulltime job, made an epic mistake a few months ago (out of loneliness) which has resulted in me being pregnant again and am already struggling financially.

Id love to join a interest group but unfortunately i live in the country so it costs money to get there and then the group itself would cost money.. i try getting involved in parent groups and school stuff but i feel so bad about myself, my situation and the underlying fear that friends i do make will just use and abuse as has happened in the past..

Im really not sure what i can do to inprove my situation.

Hoping someone has been in a simular situation and can shed some light on how they found some happiness

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Hi New Beginning,

Just wanted to say you aren't alone in having these feelings, I myself feel incredibly lonely, no full time job, no friends and parents that I can't really talk to about my feelings. I don't have kids, I have dogs instead.

Hope more knowledgeable people can provide some help

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I have also felt this way. During a period of mental illness i had withdrawn from the world and lost friendships as a result. When i began to feel better i found myself without a network of friends. Most of them didn't understand what i was going through and gave up on me.

I felt lonely so i joined some meetup groups. There are some for people with anxiety and depression. They organise various social gatherings. I found them to be great. I got to mingle with people who understood what i was going through and who were supportive. There are thousands of meet up groups - many of them special interest groups. I joined a laughing meet up group as well which was fun and believe it or not lifted my mood. This might not be your thing but using it as an example, there might be a group established near you that you could join. If not you could start one.

Go online and take a look at "meetup." You have nothing to lose and It might give you an avenue for meeting new people and getting out and about 😊

Kindest regards


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I forgot mention there are some meetup activities/groups that are free eg walking groups 😊

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear New beginning~

I live in a country town. I remember my wife became secretary of the local agricultural show. Mostly it was correspondence, with the odd meeting, expenses reimbursed.

This lead to being knee-deep in people at times, from old ladies that baked prize-winning cakes to schoolkids with their teachers and 'unique' paintings, farmers with sheep, bandsmen and enthusiasts with tractors.

No idea if this is a help, maybe there is something near you that a person with no budget and kids can contribute to.

Take care of yourself,


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Champion Alumni

Hi New Beginning

Good on you for posting and Welcome to the forums too!

Phoenix1976 and DS17 have provided some heartfelt understanding and advice above. Nice1

I understand your loneliness after working for many years and having had acute anxiety and then depression.

I hope you can stick around the forums as their are many kind people that can be here for you in the meantime while you are finding yourself.

The forums can be a invaluable source of info and help from others that feel similar to you.

my kind thoughts



I am sort of lonely. I guess it is that people are scared of my mental health issues. I do have two friends, but they are way out of my age group (that's not a bad thing but yeah).

I am trying to find friends and stuff, but I just guess that it's not working. I don't do very many things - I work half a day twice a week, and I just started playing music once a week. I guess I have a lot of time to stew over things and make myself all depressed and stuff. I just wish I had more friends who are like me.