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Im over it!!!

Community Member

It's so frustrating that my ex cant own her choices.

She blames me for her affair and then moved the kids 1 hour away to live and when I cant make it to some of thier activities she calls me a bad dad.

The latest one is they got a birthday party on the weekend I have them in a few weeks. I have booked a weekend away for us on that weekend.

She is telling me its my problem to sort out cause Im too inflexible to change my plans.

I remind her that she has made the choice to move that far away and create a new life for them, but she then tries to say thats in the past now, but it still rules our present situation.

Am I being unfair here??

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

hello, can anyone be blamed for an affair, what's wrong with talking it out to solve the situation, because she in this case had an affair,'but what was she looking for', a brief excitement, but now she has destroyed the marriage because it was not likely to last.

I would like to know how much warning you had, plus if there are going to people that you may not want to see at the birthday party then personally I wouldn't be going, because you will see the kids next weekend, and the children will understand, because they have 2 birthday parties.

Don't be pulled into her blaming you, it's an escape for her to do so, but it's not worth arguing about. Geoff.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi, again, sorry I forgot to say to you, that my wife ( ex ) tried all of this on me, when I was in depression, and also when I wasn't. Geoff.

Hi Geoff, thanks for the reply. It was a friend of thiers birthday party and Im being told to make it happen.

She doesnt realise that its my only full day with them in a fortnight and she still wants to control the situation.

Funny how she never wants to take ownership of her actions and blame me for whats happened. Anyhow she got enaged to this guy 2 weeks after she kicked me out then broke it off with him, then found a new boyfriend 8 weeks later.

So my kids have seen her with 3 guys including me in less than 12 months. I have had none other than a friend who they knew during our marraige the kids are familiar with and we are only friends and she calls me a bad father.