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Ignoring his boys

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Hi guys my ex pretty much has nothing to do with our boys.He has a older son from his first marriage who has 4 kids now and he has spent the last three Christmas with him in a other state.what hurts the most is our son has just been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder 3 months ago and he hasn't ask once what's happening or how he is absolutely nothing.Our son is heartbroken he doesn't say it but I know.And my ex has sent me a email saying the most horrible things about the boys that I thought a father would never say it's just so cruel.Its like a pattern he did this to his Older son at basically the same age.feeling sad angry heartbroken
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I'm so sorry this is happening to you and your kids . Sometimes people can be so unfair . Try your best to focus on your kids and yourself . It's not easy but you got this and at the end of the day your boys clearly have a loving mumma who will help them through this .