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I want to run away

Community Member
My marriage has failed and just want to run away. Everything I've worked hard for means nothing. The only thing holding me here is my two precious daughters that need me more than I need them...
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

It must be tough mate, I'm sorry to hear you are struggling. It's a pretty amazing thing holding you here, two daughters. Try and set the best example you can to them in response to this situation, be strong for them. Show them how you can pick up the pieces and move on from this harsh event, show them how you never ever give up.

Hey take care mate, don't forget you can ring the BB phone service 24/7.


Community Member

Hi there LMG


You’ve received a great response back from Jacko – “show them how you never ever give up”.


As you are finding, right now is so terribly difficult for you – and it’s so easy for me to say those words, as I’m not able to imagine how you’re feeling, your thoughts and just HOW hard this is for you.  I can only say that you have all our support on here and I think it’s great that you’re able to come here and post.


Your last sentence has me intrigued though … saying they need you, more than you need them.   I’m assuming from this sentence is that you’ve been able to see them recently and you were able to judge from them how much they miss you?  Though I could be wrong – I’ve been wrong before – back in 1984, I think it was, on a Thursday.  No hang on, it was a Wednesday.   (ok ok, just jokes there).


I still think that you’re missing of them would be absolutely enormous.   Has there been arrangements made between you and your ‘ex’ with regard to how often and when you can see your daughters?


Back to the original part where I started with Jacko’s line of:  “never ever give up”;      and yes, again those words are very meaningful, but are also a hell of a lot easier to write when someone isn’t in the situation you’re in.   But perhaps if I can offer something along the lines of the old depression mask option – where you wear it when out in public or where you don’t want people to see the ‘down side’ of you, but once you’re away and on your own, you can let it slide off.    So when you’re feeling awful and missing your girls, while by yourself, you are able to feel down and miss them like crazy, but when you get the opportunity to be with them;  to pull that mask on and present them with your usual smiling, cheerful, warm, loving Daddy face and attitude, and they’ll really warm to that and WILL remember that also.


I hope I’ve said something that may have helped a bit for you and would love to hear back from you.