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I’ve told my husband that I think I want to separate...now what?

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So I laid everything bare last night and was completely truthful and honest with myself and my husband. After what seems like years of bickering and fighting, a hostile household and no affection between us, numerous accounts of belittling behaviour from my husband, I feel like our marriage might be too little too late for repairing. So I have told my husband that I am considering what our future would be like if we were just co-parents focussing on our kids and not letting our relationship get in the way. We have two kids, 4 and 1 so I’m completely terrified and clueless about navigating the steps ahead. My absolute most important thing is that the kids remain as settled as they can be, know that they have two very loving parents and I want to try my hardest to make sure my husband and I can make a successful plan to parent our kids. Any advice from anyone in this kind of situation would be greatly appreciated.
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G'day ckris

It's never easy; I know.

What sort of advice are you after? Are you after legal advice or relationship advice? Have you made up your mind to leave the marriage, or are you still unsure of what you want.

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Champion Alumni

Hello ckris,

I'm sorry to hear of your situation but glad to hear that you have made a decision as to your future. I'd like to point you to a resource that you may find helpful during this period - Relationships Australia (https://www.relationships.org.au/). They have advice for ending relationships as well as how you can manage your children while separated.

I hope you'll find support in our community as you navigate this difficult transition.


Community Champion
Community Champion


thanks for your post and reaching out.

I wonder what your husbands reaction were to what you told him about how you fault.

Does he want to support you in parenting the children.

Just asking because his reaction will make a big difference to what happens next.

Will it be possible for the two of you to work out a plan together.