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I've let down my wife, now she needs a break

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This is so hard to write...

my wife (of 4years) called tonight to say she's had enough, and I don't blame her.

we're currently living part as she's just moved interstate for work with the 2 kids (3yo & 18m). I went up to visit yesterday, to look at houses to buy. We had n argument and finally enough is enough. We have the same argument about the same thing. I feel she doesn't appreciate the hard work, sacrifices and contributions I make and she feels I don't help her enough. It ends in shouting and, this is the root of our problems, me swearing at her.

After years of this, last night was finally the deal breaker. I completely understand this, the way it makes her feel and how abusive it is. It's reactionary, driven from anger and frustration, and completely at odds with how much I love her.

i need to get this fixed and i don't know where to start. I don't think trying to resolve how I view our differences will help. I want to stop flaring up. I want to stop getting so angry when I feel something is unfair. I want to stop swearing, lashing out and being so disrespectful.

ive tried to make changes myself over the years, it hasn't worked. I'm long overdue in getting this sorred

I'm looking for help to work out where to start. If it takes getting hypnotised to tweet like a bird instead of swearing ill do it. We're going to have a few weeks break with no contact, and I'm determined to be a better man.

any advice would be greatly apprecaited.


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Hello Dave

So pleased we have been able to help and thank you for telling us that. I don't think I mentioned my anger issues but I certainly had them. I remember slapping another girl when we were playing in the street. Can't remember why now but probably because I wanted my own way. Strange, I had not thought of that incident until I read these posts. Generally I can manage my temper but even so it flames into action on occasion.

I am looking forward to you telling us how your GP session went. Please remember you do not need to say anything you don't want to.