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I think if ex when under stress

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It's so frustrating! Whenever I need my full attention on something important that also happens to be stressful I start thinking about my ex. It's as though my brain thinks that he can make things better. Thinking about him just distracts me from what I'm supposed to be doing and makes it even harder. I just want to drop everything and curl up un a ball when things get like this. It's not even his fault, we haven't even been talking and neither has anything happened to remind me of him. He'd usually be the one encouraging me to keep going, help me stay on track, he would motivate me.

Going through some of the threads it makes it even worse that other people are experiencing things far more significant and here's me who starts thinking about her ex when she's stressed, seems rather petty but it is extremely DISTRACTING.

How do people get exes out of their minds!

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Champion Alumni

Hello Mermaid007

Thankyou for posting on a good topic. I have an ex but that was in late 2014...so I guess I have let time take its course. Can I ask you how long ago did you and you ex break up? It would be great if you could get back to me

I am sorry that its taken so long for anyone to post back to you....We are usually a lot quicker to respond. I hope you had a good weekend 🙂

Kind Thoughts


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Champion Alumni
dear Mermaid, does this happen to you, it's about your dreams that you might dream, people from past experiences come back to in a dream, why, heavens knows, because I have dreams of people I haven't seen in over 40 years, I can't explain why, it's a mistery, no word has been said about these people as there're been out of mind for all that time.
He must have been a strong influence on your life, and now that you have split up doesn't mean that you won't stop thinking about him, and remember that everyone has their own post, that's how they feel, and it can't be related to how you feel, because your thoughts are just as significant.
We can't go through every post and say 'oh that's more important than that one', every post needs a reply from whom ever, so they have to be addressed.
I still have the ocassional thought of my ex wife, and I feel it would be too hard not to, but now we're divorced nothing will happen, and if a thought comes to mind then I dismiss it, she can't hurt me. Geoff .x