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I'm new , sharing some feelings today

Flower Earth angel
Community Member

Hi it's 1am and I'm in bed,

i suffer great fears about a medical procedure I need to do,

i have had this fear for quiet some time it's dental related

I left a friendship/ relationship with a male last week thinking he would at least ask how I am .

i don't really work and if I have money I go to r s l clubs and try my luck on the poker machines so I am not alone

although I live with parents , I'm in early thirties , they just don't support my career choices I want to take

im all over the place study wise won't b continuing and old cours ex wanted to just finish

no close friends , I guess I don't think trust anyone anymore.

thanks for being here and listening

next wek I see a new psychotherapist ..

god bless stay safe amen.

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi FEA, welcome

Living at home in your 30's your parents are aware of every decision you make including your chosen career. If you dont want that, best you move out dont you think?.

Have you worked in the past?

Not many people enter a dental procedure without fear.

I hope by now you've caught some sleep, I haven't! !!

Tony WK

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hello FEA, poker machines love to take your money, sure one day you might have a win, but they are set up for you not to win, and I know of someone who doesn't own a refrigertor, washing machine pays his rent to Human Services but the rest of his money is wasted on tatts tickets every week, so now he needs to win to pay back his loss's.
I don't think you're giving yourself enough benefit here, and I say this without meaning any harm towards yourself, because you can't keep hiding behind mum/dad's doors, because if you do it's only going to make you feel inferior and that's certainly not what we want for you.
Your male friend may not be used to showing any warmth or care or doing it a different way, then teach him, make it your project to show him any love you feel for him, tell him you might be worried about this dental work, tell him you want him to care for you, and most of all make a decision to move out and live by yourself, it's not that scary, I live by myself with my puppie and wouldn't have it any different.
If you are receiving c/link payments they will provide the bond money or go and visit Anglicare they will help you in all sorts of different ways and I'd love to hear back from you. Geoff.

Flower Earth angel
Community Member

Hi I went to have a chat but they are closed , my medical issues have given me so much anxiety, I have no idea how to complete my dental procedures still.

i have put it on hold .

I really don't know who to confide in in this problem , but I'm gonna try my best to find a way.

i just am going through so much

the psychologists arnt helping guess I will have to confide in someone but I feel so embarrassed and I'm scared to travel alone.

how are you both doing.

I still at home have to get health sorted and it's starts with dental and possibly some different medication so I have motivation . I'm hoping there is a safer option.