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I'm alone in another state and don't know what to do

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Hi everyone I'm new here,

So I moved to live in another state with my partner over a year ago; I currently live with him and his family. We have been fighting about the same problems and even though I know he won't change or listen to what I want. I still stay because I have no where else to go and I still love him and want to be with him.

The fight is because he talks to these online streamers and it makes me uncomfortable. He knows I'm insecure because I've been hurt in the past by family and exes. But when I ask him to remove someone and express how I feel e.g. "I feel insecure, paranoid and uncomfortable that you talk to her and follow each other; can you please remove her". He will merely say "No. I'm not doing anything wrong, so don't tell me to do that". I've even gone as far as saying "please do it for me" and he won't. I hate pulling the ultimatum card; but I want to see if he will do anything for me as I have done it for him.

He tells me I can trust him, but his actions always make me doubt and I get paranoid about everything he does. I want to leave because I feel like if he won't change then I should leave and get treated like how I should and not lower my standards and let things slide; when it clearly bothers me. But I have nowhere else to go and I am scared of being alone. I tried to leave before but his mum kept begging me to stay while I packed my bags. My partner even deleted his social media accounts and told me to stay; so I did. But now he's got them back and refuses to remove her and I just feel like what was the point of all that if it was just going to happen again.

I don't know what to do and I just wish someone was here to help me.

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Hi, I feel like I’m on the opposite side to you in this situation.
my husband obsesses over my social media and any guy who likes my photos he stalks their page and gets insecure about them, he has asked me to delete many guys off my page (keep in mind I don’t actually talk to these people) and now I am saying no because I’ve done nothing wrong and he should trust me, it’s now going to the extreme of accusing me of having online affairs , which is really not the case.
I obviously don’t know what your partner is saying to these people ect but hopefully you really don’t have anything to worry about and you’ll just have to trust he’s doing the right thing.
Being away from family and friends would be really hard, have you thought about doing something for you and making new friends to help not feel so lonely ? Find a new hobby or project?