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I hope i have done the right thing...finally

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So my best friend coped my anxiety this year when I wouldn't leave them alone. We went from joking and talking for years until this year when we both had some personal issues and I went totally overboard with asking them how they were. I let my emotions control me and did some stupid messages caused i was so worried. Since my friend is 81, and was very sick this year, I was so worried that my anxiety turned me into a kind of stalker with the constant messages. Looking back, I did all the wrong things and I was so stupid that I couldn't even control what I was doing and cause of all this, my best friend has blocked my number and won't even allow me to contact them to explain. So I focused on myself for awhile and can see what I have done. I was too used to talking to them everyday, so I couldn't cope with not talking to them and it has led to this situation that I am in. I let things cool down and gave it a few weeks without avail and today sent a message for their birthday also with the message "Just to let you that I realise how I have behaved this year and that I am sorry." I won't contact them for a couple of months in the hope that they will understand and see how I have changed. I just hope the sms gets through on the phone, not sure if a blocked number also prevents sms from getting through. I'm not expecting a reply just yet, I think it is going to take more time for them to heal and maybe one day we can friends again, just like we used to. But that's my story and I know that it is hard, but I feel stronger knowing that there are other people out there that maybe have a simular story to tell. I do hope that I can repair the damage that I have done with time. I'm still afraid of losing the person who I have know the last 30 years, the one person who I could always confide in without reconnecting, but others threads give me hope that i'm not only one out there with this problem.
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Hi PB welcome

I understand. Firstly allow me to tell you a short story of relevance

My wife of 6 years had a best friend for 25 years. The friend and her husband were planning with us to travel around Oz. I build me own small caravan for the trip. They had a small bus.

Within the first few days I noticed he was less friendly. I had numerous travellers taking notice of my homemade van. Our friends suddenly started driving faster which was against our plans. We couldnt catch them.

So in the outback we had serious engine issues. Where were they? Gone. We struggled to get help. One week later we caught up to them. We argued.

Turned out he was jealous of the attention we were getting from our van. Our friendships were over.

Since then my wife has made new friends. She received a birthday card from her old friend and promptly sent her a reply that, "friends dont treat others like that"

She moved on. And thats what is best to do dont you think?

Tony WK

I don't think i'm ready to move on just yet. I know all friendships have their ups and downs. But i'm hoping that maybe with time things might work out. This person is more than just a best friend, I consider to be family. This person used to love my quirky self of humour and i'm hoping that if I focus on making myself happy and I can show that the person that they used to know, that they can see past my behaviour of this year and maybe understand that it was the anxiety. And I do feel down at the moment and realise that I will go through periods of this and this is why I have to focus on myself and get strong. Get like I used to be.

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I know people might say move on, but is it that bad to not want to let go? I mean if that person brought out the best in you, wouldn't you want to show them that again?