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I hate everything

Community Member

So I've had depression and anxiety all my life.

I'm not medicated cos I found nothing to work so I have managed it (haha) the best I can.

Four years ago I had my first kid and two years ago my second kid. During pregnancy I felt mentally great and even when I was breastfeeding up to six months ago.

Since the end of breastfeeding I have slowly sunk deeper and deeper into depression and anxiety. Probably a hormone thing.

I feel disconnected from my family, like I hate them and especially myself. I have no patience so all I do is yell at my kids which is creating disrespectful behavior from them.

I have almost totally shut out my partner, cos I'm just so angry at him and everyone.

What makes me feel worse is I know what I should be doing but I just can't do it or maybe I don't want to.

I don't know what I expect from writing this,but thanks for reading.

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Hi Miss Morose, 

Thank you for posting to the forums and for sharing your story with us. We can hear that you are struggling right now with your depresion and anxiety and we can totally understand those feelings. It is challenging to manage mental health conditions while also trying to look after your family. What is wonderful is that you are reaching out for support on these forums, speaking to others about what we go through is a great way to take a step towards feeling better. 

If you feel like you want to talk to someone, we are here for you at anytime and for any reason. You can call us on 1300 22 4636 and speak to a wonderful member of our team who can help you in the moment of distress and help you plan strategies to feel better. 

You can also check out the Raising Children Network who have a range of numbers that you can call for specefic parenting support. 

We want to thank you for posting here on the forums and for having the courage to share your story. You never know when someone will read your post and feel less alone in their own struggle. Please feel free to keep us updated on how you are feeling, if you are comfortable.

Kind regards, 
Sophie M

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Miss Morose,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry you are feeling this way.

I understand, I suffered severe anxiety OCD after having children this condition was very debilitating I was always in a high state of anxiety….. it was a difficult condition to deal with when all I wanted to be was a mum……

I have now recovered from this condition thanks to the professional help that I received….

My recovery started from seeing my gp we did a mental health plan together this then enabled me to see a clinical phycologist, psychiatrist who diagnosed me and I did a group therapy for my OCD…..I was also put on a antidepressant to help me to manage my anxiety……

I know it’s hard sometimes to tell our partners how we are really feeling but I think we really have to open up and tell them so they understand…..

I highly recommend you go and see your gp and really tell them how you are feeling so you can get the ball rolling towards your recovery….

im here to chat to you