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I feel like i suddenly don’t love my GF anymore

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Hi, I’m a 17 year old and i’ve been with my girlfriend for around 9 months now. Throughout those months i’ve loved her so much, loved seeing her, spending time with her and she made me feel so special. Now a couple of days ago i almost feel like i don’t love her anymore suddenly, like i don’t want to listen to her, i feel kind of numb around her and i just want to love her the way i used too. I don’t want to break up, i don’t understand what’s happening, i’ve struggled with anxiety and mild OCD for the last 4 years, could it be an effect of this, i feel so horrible that i have these feelings but i’m so worried i don’t love her anymore and that i’ll hurt her
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Hello Bill, welcome to the site.

If you are struggling with anxiety and OCD and whether your girlfriend is aware of this, then it is possible to be having these thoughts when you are together, whereas it maybe different when you talk on the phone, however, people with these types of disorders can be prone to having 'intrusive thoughts'.

I had them with my Mum who I dearly loved and couldn't understand why, so it was so confusing but more so frustrating, why on earth would these terrible thoughts dominate my thinking.

If you type this in your search browser or at the top of this page, a swag of posts will appear and also includes me as I also have anxiety and OCD.

They can cause distress, as the thought might be upsetting and may also reoccur frequently, which can make the concern worse.

You can also contact Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 by phone, web chat or online, these counsellors are trained and will adapt to your circumstances or you may decide to contact your doctor and then counselling with a psychologist on a mental health plan, this entitles you to10 Medicare paid sessions per year.

Having these thoughts certainly doesn't mean you don't love your girlfriend, just take it easy at the moment and I promise you will feel better, but please get back to us and ask any question you like

Best wishes.


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Hi Geoff Thanks for the reply, there more like feelings not so much thoughts now, i’ve faced this a couple times with just like intrusive thoughts and feeling numb around my gf but now it’s like every time i look at a photo of us i feel disgust at the pit of my stomach, i can’t convince myself that she’s the most beautiful girl in the world which i always knew but now i have no emotion or thoughts towards it. I have so much anger inside me i just need to punch walls and i don’t know why, i almost feel a sort of depression, i don’t know i just don’t know what’s going on, i just want to go back to the way i was feeling because i don’t understand how i could lose all these feelings in a matter of days, i just hope this is something to do with my ocd because i don’t wanna lose her but the feelings inside of me feel guilty for saying stuff like that because they make me feel like i somehow don’t love her anymore and i just don’t understand what’s going on