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I cant make meaningful relationships because i dont value humans like i value animals

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So this is gonna sound pretty creepy, you'll probably think im insane, like a discount Jeffrey Dahmer but i do not place value on human life and i dont know why i cant love people however i love animals and i even get upset about accidentally stepping on an ant. I have diagnosed Aspergers syndrome so that may explain it a little but i dont know if thats all of it, i just want an explanation of why im like this and maybe a way i can deal with it because it makes me upset to think about things like animals being hurt and it doesn't stop. I cant make meaningful relationships with anyone because i cant stop thinking about the fact that they have contributed to animals being harmed, even if thats just because they use products that they dont know harm them. My friend in high school once killed a fly because it was irritating her and i punched her, i wanted to end the friendship and i hated her. I cant love myself either because i know that my very existence has put animals at risk. I dont know if i can feel love towards humans, i dont think i feel empathy towards them but whenever i see anything about animals being hurt i get so angry i start sobbing and it never stops because i know that animals are always being hurt and theres nothing i can do about it. I hate nearly all people i meet because it always comes out that they dont feel the same sympathy for anything accept for other humans and i cant change that perspective. Im sorry if this isn't exactly what this forum is for, i know this is most likely for coming to terms with toxic relationships or family troubles but i didnt know where else to put this post.
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white knight
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Hi giggy

This is exactly what the forum is for.

Ok why do you find humans unsavoury? Because they can be- violent, nasty, manipulative, argumentive, selfish... the list goes on.

Animals won’t do any of that intentional and if they did it would be to protect themselves.

My wife and I live in the country and rescue injured animals to take to refuges. So you aren’t so silly.

But like everything in life there is a balance to be found😀

To find that balance try not to be so out there.


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Community Champion

Welcome giggy to the forum,

As Tony wrote this is the place for your post as we are supportive and nonjudgmental.

Many people feel for animals , I do too.

So are you a vegan and you don't wear leather and other animal products.?

love and care for animals but I also love and care for humans . I am upset when animals or humans are cruelly treated.

I am wondering if you could ever feel some compassion for humans without it taking away from your intense feeling for animals.

Thanks for your honesty and sharing your story.