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I am in need of advice and help

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Hello i am new here and not really sure what to write,

my wife has left me and i have all these feels and not sure how to deal with them. i have spoken to lots of people and professionals and the biggest thing that they have said is that i criticize myself and blame myself for everything. does anyone know how to keep the thought out of my head that its all my fault?

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Hello Geoff

Sorry i haven't had much time to get on here because of trying to arrange children and court cases along with covid.

i am in a sligtly better head space with it all however it still hurts so much. the pain she has caused is killing me and all the love i have for her is slowly turning into anger which i dont want to happen. She is still the mother of my children and i will always love her for that i will always want to protect her and keep her safe. The problem is she is doing things out of anger and running away from everything into a life that isnt good for her or our children.

her family dont really care so they cant see what is going on. not sure if its through choice or just lack of giving a rats arse. my children are the ones that are at risk and this all scares me, the court system is geared towards her and not to help me or the children.