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I am am close to retiring, but my 3rd wife is sucking my life out of me.

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The last 2 months.

Monday 4th April. Bought a new house

Tuesday 5th April. Sold the existing house

Wednesday 6th April. Got Fired.

The past 2 months have been unbearable. I have gone from earning $200K+ 2 years ago to nothing today. I'm trying to find a job, but because of my age and physical condition (muliple fractures of vertebra, hip replacement, 2 torn roar cuffs, 3 cracked sculls and the rest, then I just can't find a position. On the 6th April I gave up drinking so as to appease my wife and have a clear mind. This last week, one week before settlement has been horrendous. The solicitor has cocked up the whole process. It looks as though they have not been diligent in uncovering this until the last minute. They expect us to take out illegal Title Insurance to cover this. This is a solicitor telling me to break the law.


Settlement is tomorrow. $1,420,000. Solicitor is still negotiating for the 3 pm settlement. Asked my wife to bring home some wine. Drove in the driveway and heard a smashing of bottle, then proceeded to get a verbal then physical abuse from my wife. She dropped a bottle, but I am to blame. She hits me and expects me to just take it on the chin.

In Conclusion. With the tabs I have at home I can do it right now. The only problem is, I have a daughter that I care for her future.



Now the problem. My wife has not the intelligence to have a single conversation without bringing up 'getting a job'. My past 40 years of life I have been taking precription medications. All she thinks is that I should take some ginseng and sleep!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi savage, welcome

I'm retired, 2nd marria gf e, last job running my own investigation business...I know how you're feeling.

My thoughts, based on your account, is that the frustration with your settlement must be huge.

Secondly if you feel you are not being respected by your wife then something has to be done...and with professional help.

As far as her assaulting you, we only get one side of the story so cant judge on that. Can you google the following

Topic: forgiveness and forgetting- beyondblue

I think counseling is essential.

You're right about work, near impossible at your age and in your health. It isnt right that you are put under such pressure. I'll judge that one.

Hang in there, take a break from each other a few hours a day and promote to her calm respectful convetsation.

Tony WK

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Champion Alumni
hello Savage, I'm sorry for you to have to sustain all of these injuries and the trauma associated with each injury.
I don't know the balance from selling your home to purchasing another one, but your solicitor is someone you naturally trust to make sure it all goes through without any problems, that's why a legal obligation is taken out with your lawyer.
You shouldn't break the law just to cover what your solictor hasn't done, this will only cause more problems.
You would need to be lucky to get a job with these injuries, but would like to know whether or not the settlement went through as it was going to be yesterday, and also interested in your drinking and if this has caused other problems, because for me it did and was one reason why my wife divorced me. Geoff.