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Husband been cheating for months

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I found out my husband of 10years (together 15) has been cheating with an old friend of his that he reconnected with on Facebook. It’s been going on for 4 months. I only found out because I checked his phone. We have 2 primary aged kids. I’m heartbroken 💔 He has cut all ties from her. Although she begged him to leave me. He says he did it because of the lack of affection (not sex) such as I never come up to him and give him a cuddle/kiss.
we’ve started marriage counseling. But how to I get past the anger, sadness and sooo many other emotions?
i asked him, if we separate, would he be with her... he said maybe!!! That was not the answer I wanted to hear!
im not really sure what I’m asking.. have you been in a similar situation? Did it work out?
Any advice is appreciated! 🤯🥺💜

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Hello Lost girl, if you could employ a lawyer on a no win no fee basis, then they should be able to find out every other court case he's had with the other ex girlfriends, then surely he can be defeated, the other option is to take what you feel is yours when he isn't home and move out to somewhere where you are safe.

Please remember we want you to look after yourself, that's what we are very concerned about and someone who is controlling your life is not worth being involved with.


Hi geoff, i wish it was that simple.

Hi lost girl

You will find a solution, give yourself time.

As a tip, my previous defacto of 10 years was difficult to deal with and like you, I didn't want to leave with my hard earned assets going solely to her.

So, over a 6 month period, I slowly hinted tgat we were not working out and when it came to separation it's better to come to agreement with the financial side of things.

Eventually we parted amicably. Chip away at it and as Geoff suggested, get a family lawyer when ideal.