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How to help with no energy to help anymore

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Hi all

How to help my partner with his depression if I feel like I don't love him anymore, I don't have energy to pick him up all the time

Whatever happens somehow he will be unhappy

I really don't know what to do, I'm giving up and that's going to make things worst

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Champion Alumni

Hi Liz891

I am so sorry that you are feeling that you no longer love your husband and that his depression is making your life together so very difficult. You have come to the right place to get some support and some comfort.

Can I ask if your husband is seeking some support for his depression? I think that he needs to reach out for some support and get the guidance of a professional so as to help himself. I hear that you are feeling like giving up and supporting and being the carer of your husband at this time is so very much for you to manage, have you considered that a trip to the doctor to have a chat might be very helpful to you too. This is so very much for you and I can hear how it is effecting you.

With some help there might be a chance that you can see your husband as you once did and perhaps look at some counselling together to get through this very painful and tough time. Relationships Australia have some wonderful professionals that will be able to give you some advice, they are on 1300 364 277.

I am so very pleased you have reached out and come to chat Liz891 .

Hugs to you.


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Hi Liz891,

I read your post late last night and couldn't find the words to respond. It was just too close to home for me.

It is the very words my partner has said to me again and again over the last year.

As the opposite person, I would dearly like for you to consider that the greatest part of his depression could be the break down of the relationship, I know it is in my case. I am often depressed by the thoughtless and heartless actions of my 'partner', she goes out to get an ice cream in the middle of the night, and says "YOU DON'T WANT TO COME" She leaves me out of conversation, avoids any contact with me. This is what is making me sad, and yet she avoids me because I am sad. It is a spiral, a snake eating its own tail. If your partner is like me, you need to see that it is for the want of love from you that he is depressed.

I hope I have not confused you, words are such difficult things to use appropriately.