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How to help an abuse victim?

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My close friend has been abused in the past and her current husband is also abusive. Both the ex husband and current husband have been physically abusive to her children as well. She was planning to leave after the end of her previous lease wasn't able to secure a new lease.

It has taken it's toll on me as she talked through these things with me in great detail over the last 12-15 months. I also have a history of depression, anxiety and suicide attempts. I feel powerless to help her because I really want to help her and I have not been coping well.

What is the best way to help her in this situation? She wants to leave but also feels it will be very difficult as a single mother - she feels trapped.

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Leaving an abusive partner can be dangerous for your friend .It is not easy to leave an abusive partner because of the psychological abuse of wearing down their victims self worth.
Your a good friend but I think she needs professional help.

It is my understanding Women Refugees have counsellors that are professional trained to help her emotionally and this will also take the pressure of you. When she is ready to leave they will help her with the necessary resources to keep her safe and to start her new life .

Good Luck to you both

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Hi Bayside,

Welcome to the beyond blue forums.

That sounds like a really difficult situation. It can be hard to be someone's sounding board especially when you don't have the mental capacity.

I suggest you get her to call the Respect Hotline (1800 737 732). They are professionals who will be able to assist her to find supports, like housing, finance help etc.

If she doesn't want to call them, you can! They will be able to give you some ideas on how to support her to move forward.

Please make sure you are looking out for yourself through this. Her situation is not your responsibility and it is ok for you to back off a bit if you need to.

Kind thoughts, Jess

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Thank you, Squirrell and jess334. Your responses were helpful, as I wasn't aware of all the available resources.

Hopefully I can point her (and me) in the right direction.