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How to forgive and move forward

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I caught my partner chatting to other girls online. We do t live together and have a long distance relationship. I'm having trouble forgiving and forgetting and moving forward. I feel like it's consuming me. Any advice?
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Champion Alumni

Hi Frankie79

Welcome and good on you for having the strength to post too!

Its upsetting when we find a partner veering off course and talking to other people especially when we feel like we are together....even long distance.

If I may ask is your partner just 'talking' or is it more 'intimate' talking?

Trust is important...even in a long distance relationship.

It may be difficult to ascertain, but try to make sure your partner has your best intentions at heart.

there are many super kind people that can be here for you Frankie. Let us know how you go.

my kind thoughts


Hi. Thank you. It was intimate talking on one occasion and then I found out he was on tinder. Once the conversation got too far he would stop. I feel like the intent was there. He says it's an attention thing

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Hi Frankie. If I can ask without upsetting you too much, you don't live together, you said it was a long distance relationship (I'm in one too). How did you 'catch' him, was it fb? The hardest part of any relationship is building total trust. You need to 'take the bull by the horns' and ask him straight if he is in a relationship with you or if he wants to 'play'. Clarification of where you are in a relationship whether it's direct or online/long distance is important. I suggest you ask him exactly what is happening, make sure he knows exactly what you're asking. His answer may hurt you, but sometimes the truth is better than assumptions.


No worries Frankie and thanks for replying too!

Thankyou for sharing. Being intimate is in itself intent...not an attention thing. You know better than I do but from what you have written it appears he has crossed the line. (with all respect of course)

great to have you on the forums Frankie, you are more than welcome to stick around if you choose to do so 🙂

kind thoughts