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How to cope with long distance during Covid19

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Hi everyone,

just wondering if anyone here have some tips on coping with a LDR during border closures?

3 months into dating, he left to be an expat just before the pandemic hit. We knew we wont be able to see each other much but we never expected it to be 7months and counting.

prior to him leaving, We eventually agreed on keeping it going as we do want a future together but we will just focus on building a solid foundation first instead of forcing each other into a serious commitment to save the stress caused by the distance.

i usually just refer him as “the guy I’m seeing” and i keep it low. I know many might see this as a red flag but i had the pleasure to meet his family a couple of times just before he left. (No point taking me to meet your family before moving overseas if you don’t see me in your future)

As the border continue to stay shut I’m really starting to feel it mentally and physically.

he seems to be coping it better than i am which makes it hard for me to express my frustration. (He’s away from his family and friends too and is in a foreign country.) I’m so afraid that he’s slowly losing interest in me even though nothing has changed between us communication wise.

It’s been so long I’m starting to feel disconnected. i feel I’ve reached breaking point. (I also live away from family which isn’t making things easier) I’m starting to overthink and wonder where i stand in him anymore. I don’t know how to bring it up to him and I’m afraid to tell him. I think as much as technology keeps us connected, its just not the same. It’s harder to read emotions over phone calls and texts.

i know I’m going to be feeling this way for another few months at least. I was hoping anyone would have any self care strategies to help cope with this? Whatever i use to do isn’t working anymore.

thank you 🙏

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Hi Bananie1234. Long distance relationships are always complicated issue, particularly during Covid19, when everybosy feel stresses and helpless. I think if you both are still keeping in touch, he really likes you. The distance can't become a critical barrier for those who have feelings for you. You should use every advantage of the situation you are coming through. You can talk on Zoom, come up with the new occupations you can do separately anf discuss them later, create a base for an interesting dialogues. I would reccomend you to share your feelings and fear with him- I am sure he can understand and support you, and you will be better. The boundaries suck, but all we can do is to wait till the pandemic's over, so try to get abstract from it and think that you meer really soon. The most important thing is, please, communicate with you partner, share your feelings, so you can be close, at least mentally. Everything is gonna be fine, the pandemic will not last forever.