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how do i handle different beliefs

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Hi, just wondering if anyone has some hints to help me when I have to see religious friends/family who tell me god only did this to test me or if I believe he would help me. I had religion shoved down my throat all the way into my teen years and although I don't believe, I still respect other people's right to. The boys & I went to my ex sister-in-law's b/ day & she was pretty full on in saying the whole pain/ depression/anxiety "deal" could be solved with prayer. I've tried to tactfully explain what's going on, and she quoted the bible and told me she was my friend and was there for me. How do I tell her thanks but no thanks without hurting her feelings. She wants to start the friendship again, her hubby passed 6 yrs ago & I don't remember either of them being religious, so I'm not sure what to say or do. Any suggestions appreciated thanks
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Hey Redgirl,

I'm so sorry about your situation.

I actually go to church twice a week and I can say what your ex SIL is saying is wrong, I have relatives who are not religious and we respect what each other believes. I only talk about the bible if my relatives ask me about it. Preaching to you in a forceful way is silly and even I know that a person who suffers from anxiety needs to see a good GP and counsellor.

If your ex SIL doesn't accept your beliefs, it's best like others have said not to have her around. In time you will find so​me respectful friends.

I hope you can work things out for you and your children.