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Hi Guys - Need Help - Would really appreciate it :)

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I have a really nice sweet friend, and we were talking like best friends all the time. And We've been friends for well over 8 years now. I care about her a lot and she does mean a lot to me.

Anyway (Keeping it short) this year starting from February she stopped replying to my messages. And so I started seeing how she was every 2 weeks / every month. Just little messages. I even checked to see if it was me, and if she wanted me to stop talking to her. I got upset because It might have been me. Or it could be that it might be something to do with her having Bipolar. I'm Confused...

Long Story Short a few weeks later I said hi. I didn't get an Answer. I then proceeded to ask if she was okay? And she lashed out at me. And that really did hurt. And I was just so upset for the whole night, and I was trying to do the best I can to calm down, and try not to say anything that I would regret later on.

Could you guy's just imagine what It would feel like if your best friend cut you off? No explanation, not even giving you the decency to tell you why. That's how I felt all year. And I honestly believe at the bottom of my heart that its not her Fault, and she couldn't control how she felt. However I'm still human, and I'm not immune from my own emotions, and I'm not immune from being hurt in the process. So I said to her "Maybe its best we don't talk for the rest of the year". I had a feeling that might have upset her.

So the next day on a Facebook page (She is an Admin of). I was told that I should stop posting on a Daily Basis. Otherwise I would be banned from the page. And I was extremely offended by that, and I really felt at the time it was unfair. I personally was about to break down at work, and cry because after Months of my own personal challenges I had enough. It may have not been her that Banned me. But still. I felt that it was totally unfair.

It was on that day that I Blocked her, unfriended her on Facebook and said How I really felt. I guess I personally didn't know that I wasn't okay at the time. And usually it rarely happens that I would be this furious. Had I've known I probably would have come up with strategies to not say things that I would later on Regret. As I have only just recently learned. Just because of your depressed and upset, What you think or say might not necessarily be true.

I'm about to send that very facebook page a letter. Explaining why it was unfair. Should I do it?

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You're entitled to have feelings and be able to express those feelings to your friend.

Find another Facebook page of similar interests and start again. Don't let the negative energy ruin something you obviously enjoy

Best regards

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I still do feel guilty about what I have said and done, as she does have Bipolar. And I'm far from perfect myself.

But you are right. It has been a tough year, and i'm starting to look after myself again. I really do hope that one day we can be friends again (If not it do understand), as it just didn't end well. I've learn't some very harsh lessons this year, and I do have thicker skin which i'm hoping which will help me out with any further issues that I may have in future.

I personally wish I had the time to talk about our issues. But I can understand why she might not have said anything.