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Helpless and Hopeless

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So my mum has had depression and anxiety since she was a teenager and so have I.

I’ve had quite a rough months and so I’m struggling myself.

The thing is - my mum had a mental breakdown a few weeks ago after a workplace incident. She’s now experiencing extreme highs and lows regularly and she just takes off on drives everyday. She doesn’t tell anyone where shes going. And I’m seriously starting to think she just might not come back.

I’m really worried.

I’ve started looking into involuntary admission for mental health facilities but I’m sure if we’re at that stage yet or even how to go about it.

please help.

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Community Champion
Community Champion


I am sorry your mum's behaviour is so worrying.

Is your mum seeing a doctor? Would it be possible for you to get her to see her doctor or if not could you ring the doctor and explain what is happening.

Does she have a mental health worker, if so you could ring them.

Welcome to the forum but I am sad it is under this circumstance.

Is there another adult relative or friend who you can talk to.

You could ring Beyond Blue support phone line 1300 22 4636 that offers support advice and action.

You are very responsible and caring to be concerned for your mum. I worry that you need to look after yourself.


Hi quirky

thanks for replying

my mum is seeing a psychologist regularly and sees her gp as well for support

unfortunately this doesn’t seem to make much of a difference and she comes home looking and feeling even more depressed

myself, my step dad and my mums best friend are all rallying behind her to love and support her but the three of us are just running out of things we can do

Thankyou for your concern about me, I see a psychologist regularly as well and luckily I find it very helpful. I’m just worried about mum atm