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help with jerts or docs

Community Member
I would like to know how the system works. Once a child makes a complaint whether home or school, and then community services get involved, they have a meeting with "JERTS" I think that's how you spell it, when that's how this case went. So anyways they are interviewed by the appropriate ppl, at what point is it taken out of the parents hands. At what point does the parents have no say. Can they stop the accusation once JERTS is involved. Please help.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi rat17, thanks for your post. I'm not quite sure I understand your question, but it sounds like it's outside the scope of our forum here. I'd suggest seeking some legal advice.

Community Member

thanks chris for replying ill see if I can make my question clearer.

My father in law was the one accused, and the person whom accused him  was a close family friend. She had her meeting with "jerts" and my father inlaw got a phone call about the accusation from a police officer. I too was involved as it apparently happened in my home.

The next thing we know it was over, no phone call from no one, just the parents telling us that they brought a stop it. Can this happen after a meeting with JERTS