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Help Please.

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I have split up from my partner of two years, it doesn't seem very long however, we were attached at the hip. He broke up with me 4 month ago, he has persisted to contact me and check if I'm okay evenafter he has moved on, after just one month of the relationship ending, something he was not shy to share with the world. Whilst being with someone else has continually contacted making sure I'm okay? I have blatantly told him that he needs to stop contacting me. I'm really struggling with moving on, knowing to well that I mean absolutely nothing to this person anymore when they mean so so much to me still. How do I help myself to move on because I am so so sick of feeling the way I do and I am completely over the situation.
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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi Allycc, welcome

A ticklish situation.

The short answer is to take out an AVO against him which is a little messy with paperwork back and forth then court. But you have that right.

The alternative is to find a cafe and invite him there for a serious chat. Lay it calmly on the line you want no contact.

Tony WK

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Champion Alumni
hello Allycc, any break up is not easy to cope with, not under any circumstances and do feel sorry for you as this only prolongs your hardship.
What you do is what Tony has said, plus I would be blocking his phone number on your mobile and if you have a landline, then do exactly the same, that's not hard to do.
If you do receive any letters from him, please don't read them, tear them up and throw them away,'what's been done has been done', it's unfortunate and sad for you, but you don't want to be telling him anything about yourself now, you don't know what he will tell other people, especially trying to win the friends you both knew, but remember some of these maybe on your side. Geoff.