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Help please

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Hi I need to talk to someone. I'm going through a relationship breakdown and not handling it well. 


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dear GRob, there are many of us who are going through this process or have done so already, just like I did some years ago, maybe 15 years, but I can't be totally sure, however it was something which shocked me, but then looking at it from her point of view, I don't wonder why she wanted to.

She couldn't help me with my depression, or perhaps got sick of me not improving, plus I used alcohol as a self medication which she hated.

I hope by me saying what happened to me will entice you to let us know how you are trying to cope. Geoff.

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Hi, welcome to beyond blue! 

How are you doing right now? If you really aren't handling it you can call beyond blues 24 hour phone line!!

Can you tell us a bit more? 

Be kind to yourself it is a rough time


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Hi GRob.  Like you, I was in a situation where I had to do something drastic.  Relationship breakdowns are hard to cope with, when we don't know what went wrong, what we could've done better.  You are not alone in this, many of us posting are either in the process of leaving respective partners or have left them.  Keep posting here, or as Bluey suggested call BB's 24/7 phone line. 

We're here for you, remember that.

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Hello there, I am sorry to hear about your situation.  You can ring the Beyond Blue self help line and speak to somebody and you can wish to remain anonymous. 

I understand its a tough position to be in and we all relate differently situations.  I would like you to know if you wish to discuss further, then you are always welcome.  I wish I could give you a hug through the computer, but that is impossible.  I don't know your situations but things happen for a reason and there are signs along the way.  I know if something is bad most times , it will break one day.  You have the sole responsibility to keep yourself happy and that is being in a relationship or not!  Life is a gift and everyday a blessing so take each day as it comes,  I don't know if you are employed or not but that part in your life will still go on.  Being at work is good as it takes your mind off this subject and you concentrate on other matters.  Talk to friends or family for support and go for walks and enjoy the day,  Unless you are incapacitated, go out of the house and think of all the positive things you have in your life besides this issue.  If you try to think positive, you can focus better on the negative issues so please try to be happy with the little things in life, treat yourself to lunch or go and watch movie, get a pedicure and keep focus on your health and wellbeing. 

I hope I have provided some helpful tips for you.  I am sending you well wishes with this message and I know you will overcome this issue in your life.    Hope you feel better after some posts here that is directed specially for you.