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Help about Child Custody and Separation

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Please help me with my situation. I need to know what to do. I am an Asian and I don't have any family here. I want to leave my husband because I had enough of all the stress that he cause to me and our kids. We bith sleep in a different room and never had sex since January. Everytime I talk to him about our relationship problem he is always says he is busy or he is tired from work. If I said I want seperation he always says I can leave anytime I want but I'm not allowed to take our kids. I want to make the seperation properly like child custody and stuff like that. I don't care about the child support, money or anything from him, I just want my kids, my happiness and my freedom.
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He cant dictate to you that you cant take the kids, but he has rights to them too.

You'd need to contact relationships australia to arrange mediation first to try and come to an agreement in regards to custody

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Hi just_me85,

Thank you for your post.

I agree with Theborderline that it would be really helpful to talk to Relationships Australia to sort out child custody.

Just to add to that, the service that they use is called the Family Dispute Resolution Process. It's a non-judgemental process to help you both come to an agreement. They have centres all over Australia.

Here's some more info -


Here is another document that might help. It's from Family Law Australia about trying to make a plan without going to court -


Hope this helps