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He said he loved me but still left

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My boyfriend of almost 2 years said he felt like he won the lotto with me and I was the only one for him. I believed him. He was struggling with depression being cooped up in our small town and so I suggested he get a job in a bigger town for a few months. A month after he left he spoke about wanting to travel and work and that he was the happiest he’s ever been without me so we decided to break up. I’m devastated and hurt, how do I get through this?
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Champion Alumni

Hello Jrc, and a warm welcome.

People can love someone but not be in love with them and this will be confusing and upsetting for many people and very sorry this has happened.

If he wants to travel then says work, not including you, whether this actually does occur may mean he wants to out of the relationship, but this doesn't mean his love for you has ended and perhaps his depression has affected him to make this decision.

It's so difficult for someone suffering from depression to make a commitment that they stand by on a consistent basis because each day is different.

As you love him is it possible to help him see his doctor as I'm not too sure he wants to end this relationship.

Hope to hear back from you.