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Going through divorce, need advice

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Divorse suck....

Especially when you are the one that didn't want it happen...

My husband of nearly 5 years (thou we have been together for 9 years) have came to a face the sad truth that he is not happy anymore, we have nothing in common and not enjoying life... The only thing we have in common is our 'child' we are just coexisting as he put it....he said he love me still just not romantically anymore, he just not happy and want out.

We tried to give it a try but it just seems worst... There are no intimacy, everything just point to the fact that our path had comes to an end.

But why is it so freaking hard for me to accept it? Im ok one minute and then im an emotional mess the next.... It not helping that we still have to live together because of financial situations... In top of it, my in-laws live with us as well. I feel like i cant escape anyway and have no one to talk too. I dont want to burden my parents as mum suffering from depression and I just lost my grandma a month ago so I really dont want to pile this on them as well....

All my close friends are either live oversea or in another state... I feel I have no one at all...

Right now i just dont know what to do..

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Hi VariMas,

It does sound like you are in a difficult situation. Do the in-laws know what is happening between you and your husband?

Even though your Mum suffers from depression, she may still want to know what is happening and may want to try to help you in some way.

I would like to suggest that you call Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 as the support people will listen to what you have to say and may be able to put you in touch with some organisations in your area that can help you through this.

It must be difficult trying to deal with this on your own. Hopefully other people here on the forum will be able to support you as well.

Can you get out of the house for a while? Go for a walk, go and have a coffee do something different.

Have you suggested couple's counselling to your husband? Relationships Australia may be able to support you.

Please know this is a safe place to share how you are feeling.

Do you feel safe where you are at present?

From Dools