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Getting back up

Community Member

Complex one... how do you get out of a hole that gets bigger because you cant do anything right... or are not trusted.

Own a pub with my partner... she not interested in business now for her reasons so have been running it by myself.... but get criticised by her every day.... no matter what i do or dont do.... even by her snobby friends......... just at point now had enough...

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Kooka,

I agree that is a complex one. I don’t know the solution either, but I’m happy to chat with you about what you’re struggling and try to offer some support.

The pub situation sounds very stressful with your partner. I imagine you’re under a lot of pressure and things are very strained...I probably would be too if I was in your shoes...

Is it okay if I ask how things are going since your opening post?

kindness and care,