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Friendship struggling. .. what have i done?

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Hi everyone i honestly don't know where ive gone wrong in my friendships.

So it started out that i moved to a new horse aggistment place and was there for a while and made some friends that had the same interests as me so that was good. One specific friend was the one who helped me abit through a tough patch with my anxiety. Ive recently moved paddocks and now they hardley talk to me. When i send a message it takes them a day or so to get back to me and when they do its very blunt or nothing to run off to continuea conversation. When i ask aome advice as they have had anxiety before and as they are older than me they have a bit more experience than me ao i thought id ask them but they pretty much shut me out and im sure they think im.annoying. recently one of my friends horses got hurt so i offerred to go down to help as they were really worried. But she just said another friend was coming but i was talking to the same friend that was suppose to be coming but she couldn't get there foe another two hours.

They seem to leave me out of conversations too. I thought despite moving paddocks we could still be friends but im.starting to second guess it now 😞 😞

Is there anyone who can give me some advice on what to do or if maybe im over reacting?


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Community Champion

Dear Bellababe~

I've replied in your original thread:

Topic:Chest pain and nausea

My best wishes