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First baby and my wife hates me she has PPD /A and I don't know how to handle everything at the moment.

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My son is only 9 months old and my wife is going through PPD/A and she is awful towards me, she is not nice at all, I stepped back from working to many days to a 3.5 day week to be more actively engaged in raising him but that was not really good enough, I get pages and pages of texts saying how difficult it is when I'm not at home etc, I try so hard to help but she is a controlling parent and everything has to be done her way, she even refers him as my baby not ours, it's getting very hard to cope, my feelings are never valid, I can't be tired as I'm not as tired as her etc, she breastfeeds him co bed shares so I'm on the couch every night, I litteraly do not want any more children after this, I feel for you, I'm wondering how you went as it's 2019 when you posted this, any advice on how to better understand the situation would be great
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Hi everyone,

This week has been something different, it's been up and down going back to work for a few nights has been difficult, our son fell while trying walk and bruised his cheek but that became my fault as I was not there to help in the evening, the part I'm beginning to worry about is when I met her she was absolutely mad about cats, we had 2 but one has passed and the second is quite lonely as she gets less attention as the baby gets it all and has begun to yowling at night which wakes the baby, but my wife now gets mad at her and wants to lock her in the bottom of our house, she's becoming a little cruel towards the cat, any advice would be appreciated

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Hi dbrad,

Im sorry your son had a fall I hope he’s ok…. Sorry your wife blamed you I understand this would be difficult for you…

Im unsure about your wife’s behaviour towards the cat…

Have you been able to get in contact with PANDA?