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Finding a way out Sole parent in a questionable relationship

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There's always a story to tell...

mine seems to be waiting long and I'm tired of fighting for two when it seems it was ever only meant for one.

I feel I've been toyed with right from the start I turned a blind eye but the joking around now makes me think he's got something to hide not only that but things don't add up he's always gone even at night tells me I'm stupid if I question him says he can do what he wants and I'm to put up with it he's not doing anything wrong.... I'm hitting a brick in all ereas my life even before him another story 4 another day thing is I'm 8 months pregnant no where to go anymore one to go to I've tried women's refuge but because he hasn't hit me they just say it's a relationship breakdown it's more than that in long term it turns into something more where doing go there's no support for single mum who have nothing and no money and no way as a result of controlling and manipulative partners or xs where do I go when alarm bells are ringing and your trapped to do or say anything about it your just the crazy one HELP!!

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Hi there.

I am a single mum to a 7 year old. I have been so since the minute I was pregnant. We have never had a guy in our life and the dad has never taken any interest, in fact he has made our life hell.

Yes being a single parent is hard, but rather that than deal with someone who can hurt me and them all the time.

Unsure why you cannot go to a refuge, as I did with my child and was not in a abusive relationship. Found them very helpful and even had our own little unit. But guess it depends what state you're in, as to what help they offer.

I have previously been in a abusive relationship, both physically and emotionally. My advice is to get out while you can for the health of yourself and your unborn child. This is a time you should enjoy, wish I enjoyed my pregnancy, sadly cannot have anymore to enjoy that experience.

Have you got any family or friends you can stay with for now?