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Feeling unsure

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Why do people stop communicating by text 

can you do anything else to see what is happening 

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Hi Purplegirl-25,


Welcome to the forums. This is a safe space to talk about things that are bothering you and get some advice. I'm thinking that maybe someone(s) has stopped talking to you via text? I have wondered why people do this as well.


My best guess is that for whatever reason they have decided they no longer want contact but don't have the courage to have a conversation about it. They are maybe trying to avoid confrontation, dealing with their own issues, are feeling hurt themselves, feel you have wronged them in some way but are not able/prepared to talk about it, are insensitive or unkind, or just bad-mannered. There could be a number of reasons why they do this and it is a reflection on them, not you.


I don't know how else you can see what's happening (not tech savvy) though would suggest not even trying. It will likely make you more upset. I would advise taking a break from it for a while. Try to do other things that keep your attention. If you have other family and friends to hang out with and talk to, do that, read a book, go for walks, do something you would usually enjoy. It's hard not to think about it, i know, but probably better for you if you can manage it for a while.


Great user name, by the way. Purple is my second favourite colour. Come back and chat if you feel up to it.



It just hurts 

Just trying to meet new people 

Hi Purplegirl-25,


I know it hurts and I'm so sorry that the actions of others have put you in this position and made you feel this way. Without knowing the context, I can only ask if someone has done this to you, do you really want to have any kind of relationship with them?


There is a saying that if someone shows you who they are, you should believe them. They are showing you who they are and you may never know why they have chosen to stop texting.


Meeting new people can be difficult. Though work, interest groups, volunteering, joining a club, studying, are all ways which could help, and friendships can grow over time through shared interests and shared experiences.


Big hug.



Dear Purplegirl-25,

So sorry for your pain. Being cut off is a terrible thing when there is no warning or explanation. Distraction is a good thing- keep putting yourself out there to meet new people, dive into your favourite things/hobbies/activities to keep your mind off stuff.

Is there a common acquaintance you can get to enquire on your behalf what's going on to help you understand? People can be funny and just go off grid, lose their phones or just decide they don't want to talk anymore. It is frustrating, annoying and can lead us into self-blame. Try and leave it open and keep meeting people and stay as active as you can. Soothe yourself with goods things and remind yourself that you are a good person. That is very valuable.

Take care of yourself.