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Feeling Trapped

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A week before Christmas my mum got drunk on 2 bottles of cheap wine, she asked me to download messanger for her, I did. I said goodnight to her everything was fine she said it back... then a few hours later I’m woken up by her screaming out and so is my partner. We walked out to see what was happening... she started yelling at me.. calling me for everything because her phone wasn’t working for her. I asked what was going on as I was confused with the whole situation. She made me wake me 2 year old son up at 2 am and told me to leave. So I left and went to my grandmothers who lives around the corner. My mum kept calling and causing me problems. I went to grab the phone off my sister to try and make sense of he whole thing..and she kicked my in the stomach.. what the hell???! Now my partner and I are staying with his family. We came here to start a new life in our own home... the other night the whole family of 6 Poeple and my partner pretty much made the decision that we would take half the place and pay half the rent for 6 months. My partner is becoming extremely emotionally abusive towards me. I have no family left now and no friends. No car and all my money going on surviving. I have had so many calls from real estates and have had to turn down. My two year old son has been moved around constantly and I feel so much guilt for him. I am confused and feel trapped I honestly don’t know what to do !? I try to reach out to my partner for support and he just ignores me or beats me down emotionally. I suppose I am trying to reach out. I have social phobia so that makes communicating with people difficult for me. But I can’t sit here in silence while my life is falling apart anymore.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


It's ok your not alone anymore. Might be a idea to call our help line. Emotional abuse is definitely a form of abuse and there are safe places available where your son and yourself can go and live. In them there are councillor and also visits in most cases from Centrelink to help you if you do want to get out and away from your partner. You will be ok. People can help you. You will be safe and have a place for yourself and son.

I went to a few of them growing up with my mum and only have happy memories. Alot of women only have the clothes they are wearing, no car, no money and nobody to help when they get there and are provided with everything for the child and themselves.

If you feel you want to get out of your relationship it's ok. If not we are all here for you no matter what happens.

Sending you big hugs