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Feeling lonely

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I have a best friend. Well I used to. I’ve put so much energy and tried to reach out so many times. But she never has time for me. Then I see her post 100 pic of her out with so many other friends. But never me. Why do the people I love never make any time for me. When we hang out it’s fun and the best because we are so alike. Afterwards she always tells me how much she missed me and how fun it was and we should hang out more. But every time I ask I am forgotten and left out. I’ve even brought this up with her and she apologised and said she’d change. But nothing changed. What should I do here I feel so alone 

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Hi there, although I can't offer any advice, I know how you feel. It deeply hurts when a friend acts like this. I have had many over the years that acted exactly the same. Good on you for raising the issue with her. As for what to do, this needs to come from you. Does that friend make you feel good or do the negative feelings outweigh the positive now? Would you trust her to be there if you really needed it? Perhaps you are at different stages in your lives compared to the past, and this is just a natural phase of the friendship? Have you outgrown each other? Do you still share the same values? Hopefully reflecting on the relationship and how you feel will help in determining what's next for you two. But it is incredibly painful and you have every right to feel sad/alone. It sucks. But it will be fine in the end, whatever happens. Just sucks in the moment. Hang in there and best of luck navigating this!

Hi teaBee,

Thank you for reaching out. 

I so agree with bit-lost's post. Beautifully put. 

The only thing I would add is to try to encourage you to try and befriend some other people. Even one person. You are not alone in feeling alone, let me asure you. Those who are not at the front lines are usually easier to approach. Just a thought.