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Feeling lonely

Community Member
This is my second post,somehow my first got into the wrong box. So. Let me introduce myself. At 76,I once again find myself in the grip of anxiety bordering on Panic. I have been in Oz 15 years, was once active but now find myself not knowing a single soul, my daughter and son live close by and have their own problems without me being added to them. Some time in the future I will move to Malta, but in the meantime I have to adjust to living on my own again
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Dear Rosieglow

Hello. I remember your name but not your previous post so please excuse me for not answering. Did you come from Malta 15 years ago? I get the impression you have been accustomed to living with someone. Was this your spouse? I'm sorry to ask lots of questions. If you could write a little more about yourself it would be good. I don't want to tread on your toes in any way.

Do you know why you panic? Is it because you are alone? I suggest you have a chat with your GP about how you feel. He/she may be able to help and suggest some options for you.

Are there any groups or clubs nearby that you find interesting? I am a member of a book club that has been meeting for many, many years. When I joined the group it had been going forever and many of the original members had left and gone elsewhere. If you enjoy reading and voicing you opinion you may like to find a book club nearby. Often the local library has this kind of information.

Perhaps you will write in again and tell us more about yourself.


White rose, I thank you for your response, yesterday was an extremely bad day for me,hopefully today I will feel better as the day wears on. When I am able to get my head around things, I will post again, but all I can do now is cry

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Rosieglow,

I'm glad you found your way here, welcome.

I would love to hear more about your daughter and son. My mum is on her own again and lives nearby, sometimes she worries about being a burden but for me she is never so, she is my mum, also happens to be much loved as a nanna.

Did I hear you are from Malta? My sister in law and her family are from there. I have found them interesting, our generation was born here and now in our 30's we are connecting back with the old country, for me it is Wales and them Malta, some of us are learning our languages, but also all those stories of what it was like and the ins and outs of the family. Your generation has so much to offer.

I will think of you and hope the days get better.


Hi Grufford. I am truly looking forward to our move to Malta. Recently my son in law, who has very happy memories of family holidays on malta,and took my daughter (his wife) for a holiday.. She immediately fell in love with the place, and could only say Wow to every thing she saw...As a result they have bought a400 Yr old property in Pieta on trip Marina. This has come as a complete shock to me,and as a result,the fear of being left behind sent me into GA Ga land.as a footnote I will add that I gave up drinking Achohol in Jan. which has been my fav. Way of coping with anxiety for over 40 years

Hello Rosie

I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Are you feeling better now?

How exciting to be moving to Malta. I have seen bits of it on TV and my brother visited there when he was in the Royal Navy. Good weather too. Not as hot as Australia can be. I can understand how scared you felt at the thought of being left behind with no family. Now you know you will be going with your daughter, has it made you happier?

Giving up alcohol after all that time must be hard. I have not had that experience, but I do find it difficult to stop eating all the yummy food that is available. I guess we all have our temptations.

My mom died in 1999 and I have missed her ever since. I would be horrified if she did not ask for help when she needed it. However, it has become something of a family joke, started when mom was still with us, that we don't want to be a burden. Mom used to say that and when I am feeling sorry for myself, which happens now and then, my second daughter says "I don't want to be a burden". Children have no respect for their elders these days.

I see Gruffudd is learning Welsh but I have no idea what language is spoken in Malta. I know the obvious answer is Maltese, but is there such a language? I would have though it was Spanish. Please enlighten me.