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Feeling lonely and sick of feeling this way

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Today I realised how lonely I am. I mean I have a partner and a couple close friends and family but I just feel so trapped and isolated by my anxiety. I feel like there is constantly this chatter in my head and it just drains me. I find it so difficult to be myself and to make new friends. On top of that I'm always so hard on myself, constantly criticising everything I do and say. I feel so lost. Things aren't so bad but sometimes I wish I just had someone to talk to and who understands me.

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I'm sorry you feel this way.

There is nothing worse than living in your head.

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HI and welcome to the forums

im sorry you feel lonley, i do as well even in a room full of people. i dont have any friends or family support just health professionals so i know where your coming form that way as well.

your free to tlak about anything you like on here, someone always has some good advice to offer.

would you like to tell us a little more abut yourself or what issues your struggling with atm and we can see what other advice we can give you

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Hi Bells101 !

let me tell you I feel that ! I have BPD, depression, anxiety I feel like a mental case. As if recent I ended up pushing away the only person who cared about me. Only just last night I cried myself to sleep and the other night I had a breakdown in my bed.

I can't even say that I have friends really I'm home everyday weekend I sleep it away. I'm wear this fake smile and tell people I'm fine because i don't wanna be that girl who's always so down. I hate it. I isolate myself and I cry when I'm alone and no one knows about it. I wish someone could hold me and say it's ok. I also feel trapped in my own thoughts and I can't escape. When it's really bad I worry that it won't ever end or stop. I hate feeling this way. It's like you don't get a break from yourself. You can't even begin to tell someone how you feel because unless they go through it they have no idea. I have times when I'm crying I feel so alone and like I'm doing it to myself and the pain just eats me alive.

i don't have any advice for you but just Letting to know you are not alone.

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Feeling isolated and alone is the worst. I have a partner, a friend and my parents, but I feel like I can't talk to any of them about a lot of things. It leaves me wishing I was alone and single, because at least then I'd have a reason for not being able to talk to someone. I'd feel the same, sure, but I'd be able to justify it... Instead of knowing you have people and not knowing what to do about it. But you've made a step. You've spoken to someone, even if it is online and to a stranger. You have tried, and that is the first step. You have tried, and hopefully you might see that other people feel this too. You are not alone, no matter how much it might feel that you are. People are listening, so talk!