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Feeling confused

Community Member
Hi there, I have been dating this guys for 8 months and things were going great. Around Oct time he opened up to me and said that he suffered from depression, I felt comforted by the fact that he was so open and told me that. Since about Nov time he has been really down on himself, feeling low and has become quite withdrawn. We'd keep in regular contact but he didn't like who he was or the person he saw in the mirror so we didn't really see much of each other. Today he has messaged and said that he feels he needs to take a break from seeing me to work on himself. I've told him that understand and hope that he spends the time working on himself to become the person he needs to be. But I'm not really sure what it means in reality and what if anything I should be doing. Do I just give him his space to work it out?
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello misss,

A very warm and caring welcome to our forums...

I’m sorry for what your going through..I have depression and a few other mental health illnesses and when I’m down I definitely like to be on my own until I have sorted myself out..

Your bf is probably needing some space to be able to get the help he needs..not sure if he is seeing some professional people to help him with his depression...Maybe a very gentle suggestion you could ask him next time you talk to each other...

I feel if you let your bf knows that you care about him and he can reach out to you if he needs support at anytime...and you are their for him...It might help him..in knowing that he can lean on you..if and when he needs to...

You sound like a very beautiful caring person...who wants the best for him...,

Let him know that you are there for him...and you care about him....

Talk here anytime you feel comfortable to do so..wecare here for you Dear misss.

My kindest and most caring thoughts..


Community Member
Thank you for your lovely message. He certainly knows that I am there to support him I hope that he can take the time to work on himself and in time he gets back to the person he was previously. I'll give him all the time that he needs and just be there should he need that someone to lean on. This forum is so helpful thank you for being there