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Feeling Broken

Community Member
My partner has just left me after 9 years im so broken. How did everyone else get past so much hurt?
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I’m so sorry for the late reply. Sometimes, and through absolutely no fault of your own, we accidentally miss posts. I do apologise again and hope you’re still around the forums...

You sound heartbroken and devastated...the pain must be so raw...I feel for you...

Is it okay if I ask how have you been feeling/how have things been since your first post?

You’re in my thoughts...

Kindness and care,


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Mummy, and a warm welcome to the forums.

I really hope you are checking your thread to see if you have had any replies because the situation you are now facing is so disappointing, but there are many people, including myself, who have been in the same position.

It would be good to hear back from you.

Take care.