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Feeling beyond lost

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Hi everyone, I’m a 25 year old with 2 children an d currently suffereing postnatal depression (being treated for) my parter is 26 and about 2 weeks ago told me he no longer thinks he loves me or wants to be with me anymore and was going to leave(he ended up staying) he went to see a doctor who said he had depression and put him on medication since taking them he has been emotionless, unhappy, grumpy and not wanting to do anything. He was also having dreams of violence and harming/killing me which then turned into dreams of him cheating on me with multiple women, he is saying he wants to get the ‘spark’ and in love feeling back in our relationship but we are unsure how to do this but he also changes his mind everyday on things he wants and is saying he doesn’t even know what he wants with anything. Has anyone else experienced that same thing? What was your outcome?
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Kel,

I hope you’re doing okay...I just saw this thread today, which I noticed is very similar to another thread of yours called Don’t know what to do in the Depression forum.

I have replied to you on that thread so I hope it’s okay for us to continue chatting there instead...

Thanks Kel 🙂


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Valued Contributor

Hi Kel93,

I had a similar problem with my ex (sad long story there) prior to us breaking up, so I wasnt surprised too much by her not wanting to live together anymore. I did often think on how I could "re-discover" the "spark" we once had, and I came up with the fact we had not been doing the same things as we did back when we had that "spark", which was true.

The solution was to start the "dating" phase again, sadly for me, my ex didnt want to be a part of it and ... well the end result isnt as we had hoped. Im not saying that it was all my ex's fault by the way, there might have been things I needed to do that I didnt as well, but in your case, maybe consider what brought you two together in first place and work out how to bring that relationship you had back then into your current situation. It may mean some organization that needs to be done (kids needing a babysitter for example), and might seem a bit of work, but then you need to think of the worth of it all, and how it can put life back into your relationship again, and to me, even a little bit of life is worth any amount of work used to gain it.

Thing is to keep doing that, if you choose to go down this path, I didnt, didnt even get to start on it, and it ended up a misery for me, I hope you dont make that same mistake.