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Feeling alone :(

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So my BF and I have been together for around 4 years now. The past couple of days things have been a bit rough and it’s left me feeling a bit alone and unloved. 😞

My BF is currently going through some issues with a group of his friends, and they happen to run a side business together so he’s been stressed and I guess angry at how things have been. It’s been an ongoing thing for a few months now but it all really boiled over the last few days. So yesterday he was so angry that he also didn’t want to talk to me and when I tried to talk to him he just ignored me, so I just have him his space, and I know him well enough to know he usually just needs a few hours or to sleep on it and he’s usually normal with me the next day. However he hasn’t really spoken to me today either. When he came home from work, he just ignored me until I went to talk to him and even then I only got a few words out of him.

I totally understand that he clearly feels he needs his space at the moment, but its just hard because I’m currently in my exam period at uni so my stress levels are kind of everywhere and I could really use some support and affection. I feel like he also knows that his behaviour the last few days has made me upset, but it almost feels like he doesn’t care (which I know isn’t true but it’s just how it feels)

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Hello Unicornprincess, and a warm welcome to you.

Feeling alone isn't pleasant at all so I'm really sorry that that's how you are at the moment, because love and attention is what you are looking for, especially now as it's exam time and I certainly appreciate that.

Are you able to associate with any other friends because right now you have to think to yourself that giving him this extra time by himself may be a benefit, realising that you have to complete these exams.

Your career will balance towards what you are aiming for in life, after they finish then you will have time to understand why your boyfriend isn't talking to you.

I don't know what the side business is so I can't comment on that, but hope he is not in financial stress.

Good luck with your exams.