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Fathers Day

Community Member
Not a particular happy day for fathers with no contact with their children.
Fathers day /Christmas & Easter, children's birthdays and the list of misery goes on.
Am fortunate that children from first relationship keep on contact on whole.
Not in last relation ship in as much have not seen my youngest son (10) for at least 6 years.
That break up meant that no visits to see son ,yes I could have pushed it but at that time
was emotional drained very close maybe to breakdown.
All I can say I am very thankful that I didn't end up on the street as a broken man on Alcohol or worst
if there is such a thing.
It took at 5years to get back on track , now I feel as good as its going to get , thinking of my son every
day and pray and hope I will see him before I depart this world.
I have a FB social page of course in my name with no friends or comments just in case he might
just might contact me (I live in eternal hope) people tell me most not all children will contact their fathers.
So this is my tale ...its gets better over time however its always in my thoughts and dreams (play very cruel tricks)
So will open a bottle of red and cook a nice chicken dinner and listen to my music.
So guys it can get better BUT it takes time.
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi shadow49

Thankyou for joining our community, and sharing your story. Doing so takes a lot of courage so we appreciate that. It's things like this can inspire and motivate others to share their stories, come to term with things, and keep moving forward. And you are right- things take time, and a lot of hope, too. It's also good to hear that you are doing all you can (ie. the FB page) buy are also engaging in positive things that are focussed on you too (the nice dinner and wine). That's a solid way to approach things. Hope you get something out of this forum too.


Community Member
Big thanks Tay100 🙂