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Family, suppose to be our secure safe place,so why so hard ?

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l'm 50s come form a huge family , scattered all over Vic and interstate.

6 brothers, we mostly all get along well with no drama and all have our own lives. But it's great to see ea other whenever we do, this one or that one, only happens every yr or two these days with most.

Sisters, 6 of those too, 3 of are not worth contacting they're just too much trouble. The others l see here or there now and then or at a family thing every few yrs, good enough.


Thing is though , l'm 3hrs away from most of them but there was also one brother 20mins form me, and also one sister too same area.

They both manage to catch up with most of the family as they're both up and down from Melb and all over the place down there a lot. The sister's single so she has plenty of time to go visiting, or one of them is always inviting someone or other up to their place, and as l say, both their places are only 20mins over from me.

l rarely get down to melb anymore and when l do it's usually work anyway and usually a huge day with nothing left by the time l'm done.

l've also had a lot going on up at home with my d and my own life and mh problems too and so l just don't feel up to it  anyway on that level either.l have to push myself to the end just to get through work l'll have to do.


l also don't feel up to calling people much either, l'm in touch with a few family and outside of my own life and world, with a family the size of mine, l just don't have it left for for all of them, and most of them don't even call me anyway.

Still , one or two l am close to do drop over when they're up here, which is always bloody nice. and we'll call a bit too.  bUT ANY OF THE OTHERS THAT Do come up to the brothers place or the sisters, don't even bother calling me or telling me they'll even be up and in the area anyway.

A few times l've actually gone over to one of their places myself to visit whoever it was that came up for a bit and say hello myself, when they haven't even told me they were up here anyway.

l always to try to call at least a few of them at christmas too but no way l can get around to all of them.


lt's just ridiculous though at this age , l mean for crying out loud what's to even be complicated butttt, it always is, it's crazy.


There is though just one thing, about me and l'd have to assume really, bc no ones said anything. But l am fairly reclusive and l don't have much ph call energy either- or time really. ldk,maybe they all just know and think that, ldk. l do enjoy seeing some though when l do.










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Hope it helps mate,think l might have to put one outside all the take away shops round here they're my weakness. l've always been able to easily get weight of whenever l felt like it but afraid it seems to be putting up a fight this last yr or two.


This family stuff seems just bloody ridiculous anyway atm. lt's looking like my partner and l are breaking up.  My d's back from interstate too and ex w and l have been helping her with cars and computers and uni aps and all kinds of stuff, so hands are def' full. Mind you , at least all that's been really nice though too and so proud of d, speaking of smiles.

But yet here's me letting family stuff bother me,how damn ridiculous eh.


Thx again croix.