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Ex boyfriend serious issues

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So im a 26 year old girl who has recently broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years we have no children and we both live with our parents we have never lived together i had to break up with him beacuse he became so controlive and possive he wouldnt let me out with my friends there was no trust he would message my friends to confirm i was with them.about a month ago i started going out with my friends going to the city clubbing and not telling him were i was beacuse he said if he found me he would hurt me.. i feel like i should be happy being out of this relationship but its making it worse ilmy anxiety is bad im fighting with my family i just want to be happy
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Hi Nikkeh,

Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for reaching out to the community. Just letting you know that we have sent you a private message in response.

Take care,

Sophie at Beyond Blue